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About the brand

What an exacting and choosy woman needs now? - To be BRIGHT and UNIQUE!!!      

This is possible with michele  brand!                                      

michele collection is  designed by the  talented designers who have more than 10 years working experience  in the fashion industry - using in its creation the  exceptional, exclusive approach.

michele – is an unique collection, successfully embodying the current trends of fashion-industry, while maintaining its individuality and uniqueness!

Our designers draw inspiration in  France immersing in an atmosphere of elegance and heartfulness of this amazing country.

Exactly in Paris is laid the foundation and the unique features of michele. Together with European partners is formed the structure of the collection, worked out the design, comfort and is created a styles range of future collections.

The variety of michele décor  - perforation, contrast stitching, edges, applications - allows a woman to create a special image combining footwear and accessories from our collections.

Footwear and accessories from michele collection    in your wardrobe will highlight you and allow being stylish, feeling the comfort and convenience throughout the day.

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